Supporting the Tairona Heritage Trust

The Kogi story is one of success with ramifications, both nationally within Colombia and internationally, for indigenous groups everywhere.

For the first seven years of the Trust’s existence, the raising of funds for land purchase by Gonavindua Tairona was its most important role. Now, partly as a result of help received from the Trust, Gonavindua Tairona is receiving much help and favour from the Colombian government in this regard. The projects we are cooperating on these days have to do with the dissemination of indigenous knowledge.

For example, Gonavindua Tairona is setting up an indigenous information centre in Santa Marta - information gathered here, and its dissemination, will be under the control of the Mamas. Also, a book of teaching stories, used by the Mamas in the education of children in the indigenous schools of the Sierra, is being translated from Spanish into English. With the Trust’s help, and with the consent of the Mamas, this will be published in the West.

Donations to the Trust, which is a registered charity in the UK, are passed on to Gonavindua Tairona and used for purposes like these.

Donors who contibute a minimum of £26 (£27outside the UK) to the Trust receive a “thank you” DVD of the original documentary ‘From the Heart of the World - the Elder Brothers’ Warning’ in PAL or NTSC format as requested. A copy of the film transcript can be provided as a PDF for £5.

Annual subscription to the Trust is £5.

If you would like to help Gonavindua Tairona you can make a donation to the Trust though PayPal by clicking the ‘donate’ button below.